Year-Round Skincare

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Dry skin is most often a problem during the winter. The humidity in the air drops and takes moisture out of everyone's skin. Always use a mild soap with added moisturizers, such as bar soaps Dove soap for sensitive skin or Aveeno. I recommend avoiding liquid soaps or cleansers, even if they claim to be "moisturizing." Using a fragrance free soap avoids potential irritation or allergy.

When patients ask "What is the best moisturizer?" I answer, "It's complicated." What may feel good to one patient may be too greasy or not greasy enough for another patient. Trying several different products may be needed. We frequently have samples of different products available.

Moisturizers are generally mixtures of oil and water, together with added preservatives and fragrances. Moisturizers with more oil than water will be creamier. Lotions have more water than oil. For extremely dry or thick skin, an ammonium lactate lotion such as Amlactin can be very helpful, but one should avoid using it on broken skin as it can sting. Applying a moisturizer immediately after bathing can seal in moisture better.