Web Resources

It is very important for patients to be actively involved in their care. The internet is very useful to find information about a skin problem that has been diagnosed by a dermatologist. For information about common conditions, one should always go to trusted websites such as those listed below, as the Web also has a tremendous amount of confusing and incorrect information.

The internet is frequently unhelpful for patients trying to diagnose themselves.

American Academy of Dermatology is the national organization of dermatologists with a great deal of information about many skin diseases in the "For the Public" section.

Dermatology Associates Health Library
Find specific skin conditions, definitions of procedures, test explanations and more.

There are a number of groups that seek to provide help for patients with specific diseases and encourage research for new treatments. Some examples are:
National Rosacea Society
National Psoriasis Foundation
National Eczema Society (British)

Skin Cancer Foundation
Learn the most common skin cancer myths and facts.